Scientific supervision of the pilot project "e% - Energy Efficient Housing"

In the framework of "e%“ the energy efficient housing project of the Supreme Building Authority of the Bavarian Ministry of the interior 10 pilot projects have been realised  in Bavaria with state funds.

In the coming years 10 projects using renewable energy sources will be implemented to provide heating and heated water: 5 applying to new buildings and 5 to energy refurbished buildings. Energy optimisation measures will be so efficient that the energy consumption is expected to remain up to 60% below the levels required by the German  Energy Conservation Regulations of 2007 (EnEv).  The pilot project is aiming to test and evaluate new holistic energy efficient approaches. The collaboration of architects and technical services engineers at an early stage of the project allows us to provide the most suitable technical and economic solutions and to develop stunning sustainable buildings. Our holistic approach includes the following central fields of action:

  • Building concept: optimisation of building structure and structural design
    (University of Augsburg)
  • Building Services Engineering: efficient energy supply stepping up the
    use of renewable energies (Department for Building Climatology and
    Building Services, TU München)
  • Adaptability: equipment that can be operated intuitively
    (University of Coburg)

The scientific supervision allows  us to set new impulses with regard to development and optimisation of planning concepts, provides consultancy on appropriate measures, oversees the construction phase  and evaluates and documents the process during monitoring. The Chair is responsible for coordinating the scientific supervision of the project.