Simply Build – Integral strategies for energy-efficient and simple building-methods with wood, lightweight concrete and highly insulated masonry – Analysis of the interaction between space, construction and building technology.

The following hypothesis is depicted as the basis of the main intention: Residential buildings with high-quality architecture, robust construction, and reduced building technology perform better over a life span of 80 to 100 years than standard residential, passive, and plus-energy buildings in terms of life and cost cycle assessment.

This statement is related to a period of use of 80 to 100 years. One can think of a new building culture with simplicity as a main intent: stringent and versatile spatial design, multi-use and high-quality interior design with sufficient area (15-18 m²) and height (ca. 2,60 m – 3,00 m), layer-reduced construction assemblies with wood, concrete or masonry, durable and haptically appealing surfaces, simple junction details, concepts for indoor climate with reduced and adaptable building technology are components of a recent strategy. This concept is mainly characterized by combining resource-friendly preparation, reasonable costs and a long-lasting operation phase with a low maintenance effort. Energy efficiency regarding the HVAC systems and an excellent recycling capability are further aspects.