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Wintersemester 2022/2023

Precision Landscapes: Acoustic Grounds

Team: Elif Simge Fettahoğlu Özgen, Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, Tom Shaked

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Digital tools and robotic platforms are increasingly being utilized for environmental purposes, allowing new ways to explore, monitor, and adapt environments. This allows examining their use in creating performative urban landscapes which respond to environmental challenges and changing conditions. On the one hand, these tools are increasingly precise, and on the other hand, they allow incorporating information from natural phenomena which are often chaotic and disordered. This allows developing urban and performative design in response to pressing global challenges, amongst them, noise pollution.


With this question in mind, we are looking at the airport environments as a case study. The seminar will focus on translating noise landscapes, produced by large urban infrastructure or traffic into responsive landforms. In contrast to common industrial solutions (such as noise barriers along roads), we will develop designs in which landforms have a functional role in the urban landscape and can mitigate noise effects. We will then compare the acoustic performance of these landscapes and their potential to respond to the specific noise on-site.   

Built upon the methods and experience of the Precision Landscapes course offered in the 'New Fields of Urban Design', the workshop aims to develop on the design aspects, methodologies and approaches. 

The workshop is conducted with the involvement of the Munich Airport, and experts on noise landscapes – Prof. Benedikt Boucsein, Dr. Jochen Krimm (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences). 

The winter workshop is interdisciplinary, open to students from TUM. All work will be undertaken in groups. 

For applications, please send a statement of interest of maximum 200 words to elifsimge.oezgen@tum.de. 

The application deadline is 20 January, 2023. 


Deadline for application: January 20, 2023

Announcement of the Accepted Students: Jan, 31, 2023 


March 8 - Online introduction, guest lecture and independent site visit
March 9  - Online classes
March 10 -  Self work in groups
March 13-16 - Intensive workshop
March 17 - Presentations


*The Winter School is supported by Förderlinie Projektbasiertes Lehren und Lernen 2022