Projekt BA X MA "Emergency Measures"

Studio as a Framework

Emergency Measures : Studio as a Framework

Team: Benedikt Boucsein, Daniel Zwangsleitner, Elif Simge Fettahoğlu Özgen, Matthias Faul, Magdelena Müller

Last Day for Call for Ideas: 09.10.2023

Fragen vorab per E-Mail oder persönlich sind willkommen. 

What it is about 

The climate emergency, or more broadly the biosphere emergency, is not abstract anymore. Architecture and planning have been strongly involved in the development that led to the current situation, and mostly still are, directly or indirectly feeding the according narratives, or helping to ignore what is happening. But alternative movements are gaining traction, drawing strength from a long tradition of resistance and criticism in the discipline. These movements are very diverse, and they need to be, as the answers to the current crisis are everywhere and nowhere: everything about the way we live has to change, while it has to largely work with what is already there. We have to reinvent the new world inside of the old structures. And that includes studio teaching as well.

In the next semester, we address to this situation by offering a framework for ideas and initiatives that broadly encompass the horizon of urban design but can and should touch other disciplines, scales and approaches as well. We aim to create a studio environment where a variety of cases are discussed in depth, with different perspectives and aspects of the emergent conditions of the built environment are tackled. We need to focus at the "Bauwende", "Verkehrswende" and "Agrarwende" at once, and want to support all initiatives that address one of these processes or a combination of them.

 Ideas can encompass:

⁃          proposals for a certain site (p.e. Strategies to prevent the destruction of a certain building, biological feature, or social context; strategies to build/grow such a feature)

⁃          Strategies for a certain urban type (p.e. development of a design for informal settlements, cooperative dwellings, or suburban office estates)

⁃          Local activities that work towards new, non-polluting and non/exploitative living patterns, and which are anchored in space (cooperatives, NGOs)

⁃          Proposals for policy briefs for specific problems and sites.

The proposals should directly and openly address the climate/biosphere breakdown. They should be anchored at a specific place (or several places). They can come from outside of the according context or be embedded in it (and its important actors).


How to apply:


Application is always open. Please apply to with your idea with a pdf including 3 A4 pages. (See Format) The application languages are German and English.

You can apply until 09.10.2023.  If your idea is accepted, we guarantee you a place in the project. In any case, you will be informed  before the project market starts. 

Application for WS 2023/24 is possible both for MA (Architecture and Urbanistik) and BA (Architecture) students. The studio is rewarded with 9 ECTS (BA) (Module AR20133) respectively 15 ECTS (MA) (Module AR30245).


Depending on the complexity of the theme, you can apply in groups of up to 5 persons, but also on your own, if your task is manageable. Please state in the proposal if you are open to more participants.

If you wish to apply as a group larger than 5 persons, please get into contact with us early. Also, if you are a municipality, an NGO, or other institution and would like to propose a theme, please contact us early enough so we can discuss your proposal with you.



Please send us your idea up to 3 A4 pages, ideally -1 A4 with title and description of the idea and the envisioned result, 1 A4 with image/map material, 1 A4 with applicant’s contact data and other involved persons.

With time, we will build a database of project results on the website.


How it works:

We will publish all accepted proposals on our website. In addition, we will publish own themes or themes of external partners that you can choose if you reach our course over the Project Market.



Briefs (Stand 08.10.23)