Guest Researcher
Sawa Furuzono, M.-Ing., Doctoral Candidate (The University of Tokyo) 

Room: 4112
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289 29064

Sawa Furuzono holds a Bachelor of Design from Kyusyu University, and a Master’s degree in engineering from The University of Tokyo, and has a license of 1-st class architect in Japan. She received the 2024-2025 Pola Art Foundation Fellowship and will spend her fellowship year researching the post-war reconstruction, especially churches in West Germany at TUM.

Before joining TUM, she worked as an architect at an architects’ office in Japan for 5 years and get involved in the conservation of modern public museum and the exhibition design. Through this research, she would like to deepen her thoughts on how architectural heritage conservators and architects can better collaborate. She believes that it will be a useful reference for Japan, which is exploring the way of conservation in modern architecture.

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