Ongoing dissertations

Meltem Çavdar M.Sc. (Arch. History) TU Istanbul, M.A. (Bauforschung) OTH Regensburg
since 2019
Formwork construction in the middle of the 20th century and its impact on concrete surface quality
Wüstenrot Stiftung Dissertation Fellowship, 2020–2022

Temirlan Nurpeisov M.Sc. (Arch.) Politecnico die Torino
since 2020
Central Asian architectural heritage and the transition of political power

Rouven Grom M.A. (Arch.) TUM
since 2021
Development of aluminum curtain walls in the post-war decades – from glazing bars to elements

Helka Dzsacsovszki M.A. Hons. (Arch. History), M.Sc. (Arch. Conservation) University of Edinburgh
since 2021
"Modern Architecture in Historic Ensembles and Monuments“: Hungarian contributions to the evolving international discourses, 1931-1975

Susanne Brunner, Dipl. Restauratorin (Univ.) TUM
since 2020
Materiality of the Transparent – Acrylics outdoors and their Conservation between Aesthetics and Substance

Elisabeth Hinz, Dipl.-Ing. (Arch.) TU Dresden
since 2021
The preservation of fair-faced concrete as a historical practice – Major parallel developments in concrete preservation in Germany between 1961-2001


Disertation projects in preparation

Mareike Stöber, M.A. TUM
since 2021
Dissertation proposal within the framework of »Last Witnesses« Models in Engineering – scientific significance and preservation, a project funded by German Research Foundation (DFG)