Research Associate, Doctoral Candidate
Tuna Çapar, M.Sc.

Room: 4112
+49 (0)89 289 29064

Tuna Çapar studied Archaeology (B.A) and 3D-Computer Graphics (M.Sc.) at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. In 2018 he completed his master's project in "Reflectance Transformation Imaging" at Stuttgart Media University.

Afterwards, he worked at ArcTron 3D Surveying Technology & Software Development Ltd. for more than 6 years. He has been involved in over 45 archaeology and heritage projects, including 6 UNESCO heritage sites for government institutions, as well as industry projects for renowned companies such as Google Arts & Culture, Allianz, Konami, Skydance Media and BMW.

As of October 2023, he is affiliated a research associate at the Professorship of Recent Building Heritage Conservation. He is responsible for the digital building surveying tasks in the ERC-funded research project: "CONSTEMO. Recurring Elements of Modern Facades (1960-1990). Foundations for the Conservation of High-Tech Modernism".