This semester’s exercise focuses on the analysis and concept design of 400 housing units as a wider scale, 40 of which need to be studied and designed thoroughly, with 4 program uses on each site , where the new ratio of building height to street-width equals up to 0,4. There are four possible sites to work with, each one with different qualities, characteristics and development phases. The given sites are located in areas where the densification of the city is already happening or is a subject of the near future, given the pressure of the housing need:

01. The Olympia Einkaufszentrum, as part of the new development area that happened for the 1972  Olympic Games.

02. The Westpark Kleingartenanlage, a part of the garden allotments, cultivated as vegetable and fruit gardens since the first World War.

03. A GWG Siedlung, the housing typology which is being continuously investigated and reinvented.

04. An existing urban situation in Luitpoldpark in Schwabing, where the park is being merged with the urban fabric.

It is asked to strengthen and reinvent parts of the existing program in order to create more diverse and dense areas, according to the above-mentioned tasks, but also through the examination of the connectivity of each area with its neighbouring areas, the ratio between built and unbuilt space, the uses of the ground floor, the quality of the urban space, etc. After examining the sites, it is asked to challenge the existing situation, strengthen the quality of each area and propose a new concept of urban living, while focusing on the proportions of the new and old structures on the site, instead of working with absolute numbers.

400,0 Housing Units
040,0 Design Subject
004,0 Program Uses
000,4 Height / Weight Ratio

1 Olympia Einkaufszentrum

2 Westpark Kleingartenanlage

3 Siedlung GWG

4 Luitpoldpark Area


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Yagmus Aygür, Fabian Bottler, Ryan Butt, Joan Chua, Xiang Dingkai, Karolina Hein, Yunus Emre Günel, Pino Heye, Dennis Holmberg, Ting Koh, Hadar Ichiely, Sabrina Kleiner, Nikola Knezevic, Daniel Kolar, Hilal Kuscu, Tatiana Kuzmina, Ana Luisa Liesegang, Yu Heng Lim Benedetta Lolli, Maria Vitona Netto Martins, Dania Monreal Reyes, Christina Risinger, Pablo Rivas Real, Vicente Roldán Galiana, Su Myat Sandi, Thomas Santen, Chiara Schmid, Anna Seglina, Diana Sionta, Samy-Jo Steinbacher, Antal Strausz, Ece Tamer, Marzia Valente, Rafael Ventura, Fangyi Wang, Lara Weber, Oh Win Ni Wessie, Pelin Yüksel, Yinqing Zhu,