Urban Remix - International Studio

Wether you’ve just arrived in Munich or have been living here for years - touring the city to discover its diversity of settings is probably a typical hobby of anyone interested in architecture and urban design. Large patches of Munich’s city fabric are quite homogenous city-block structures, public parks, historic center, commercial areas, but sometimes you hit spots where typology and functional program seem to clash. The friction of these spots is especially challenging for future design proposals.

The International Studio in winter 2019/20 focused on a plot in Munich Obergiesing and Ramersorf-Perlach, where detached houses stand side by side with apartment complexes. Vast supermarket areas are facing trading centers and new develop­ments arise next to underutilized sites. The students created possible visions and design answers for lots laying inbetween these patches of seemingly contradictory program.


Alice Lahourde, Pablo Giobellina Caro, Luis Sifuentes, Leobardo Garrido Guerrero, Rachele Anna Righini, Carlos Martínez, Sungeun Park, Arber Haxhimusa, Alexandre Therrien, Farah Benaddi, Hongmao Shi, Pinwen Su, Kenneth Chiang, Hock Siang Tyler Lim, Ming Jie Yong Timothy, Zhi Wie Tay, Chee Seng Sih, Johanna Holz, Giulio Pioletti, Nathalia Kuipers, Johnny Lak, Julia Guimarães Lemos, Eduarda Volschan, Natália Soffner Leitão, Betina Albrecht, David Piredda, Kristina Mitrik, Mirna Gordillo, Dorottya Boglárka Móring