In Memoriam: Professor Giovanni Carbonara

Architect, Professor Emeritus of Architectural Restoration and Conservation at the University of Rome La Sapienza and former Director of the Postgraduate Specialization School in Architectural Conservation in Rome

On February, the 1st 2023 Prof. Giovanni Carbonara (year, 1942) suddenly passed away. We express our deepest sorrow for the loss of our beloved Professor, a friend, a master, an international reference in the field of architectural conservation and restoration. An architect, as few of us, able to join together theory and practice in a united approach, able to transmit material and immaterial Heritage to posterity without erasing the passage of time. A guide for the so many scholars and students, who had the fortune to conduct research with him, and those who could share his passion in the academic field as well as in the professional practice.

Further to his great achievements in science and the practical aspects of preserving architectural heritage, we wish to remember the man Giovanni Carbonara, his great dedication to students beyond any possible expectation, his gentle character regardless difficulties, his supporting behaviour and natural inclination for comforting someone to stay strong and growing under his mentorship.  

We will keep good memory of, and as a model in education and training, the so many guest critics led by Prof. Giovanni Carbonara, in recent years, here, at TUM as well as his mentorship in recent research projects conducted on preservation theories at the Chair of Conservation-Restoration of TUM, which benefited very much from Prof. Carbonara’s expertise and his open approach to science.

Concluding, we wish to share the closing thoughts formulated by colleagues at La Sapienza of Rome so to say goodbye to Prof. Giovanni Carbonara:

Il suo pensiero e la sua scuola saranno sempre una guida luminosa nella ricerca scientifica e splendido modello di umanità.