Transforming Athens' Urban Landscapes


Symposium & Book Launch

22 and 23 June 2023 at 17:00 - Technopolis, Athens 

Athens and other cities in Europe and around the world are challenged by issues that require far-reaching decisions and urban actions, including the distribution and design of (public) space, decision-making, long-term planning and implementation. 

Transforming Athens’ Urban Landscapes is a two-day symposium that aims to contribute to the multifaceted debate on the future and the restructuring of our cities towards healthier, greener, more liveable, equitable and resilient environments.

The symposium will bring together Greek and international experts from the field of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, academic researchers and teachers, as well as representatives of City of Athens actively involved in the transformation of our cities, to share their experiences and present their approaches to current and future urban change. Fundamental questions related to the transformation of Athens will be discussed: How can we respond to climate change and spatial inequalities? How can we turn the lack of spatial resources and conflicting goals and interests into a catalyst for new approaches and cooperation? How can new models of cooperation be established to share knowledge and translate this knowledge into action?

The book Taking Action – Transforming Athens’ Urban Landscapes will be launched as part of the event, which reflects on the above issues.

Transforming Athens’ Urban Landscapes is part of a series of research activities and public events organised by the Technical University of Munich, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens since 2021 and made possible by the generous support of the Schwarz Foundation. 

The event is also supported by the City of Athens and is open to the public. 

More information and registration:

Locations: Technopolis, City of Athens – Miltiadis Evert Auditorium (22 June) and Innovathens (23 June) 

Symposium Language: English

Organized by: Tasos Roidis, Mark Michaeli & Norbert Kling (Technical University Munich, Chair of Sustainable Urbanism), Panayotis Tournikiotis (National Technical University of Athens) and Panita Karamanea (Technical University Crete)