The gtla* Design-Research-Studio has offered interested students the opportunity to develop individually supervised projects in the context of the professorship's current research prioties.

The following topics were processed:

- Baubotanik:

- Design studies for the integration of trees into the façade of buildings - tree façade

- Banyan Architecture: design studies based on the growth patterns of tropical strangler figs, in particular using digital design tools.

- Design and development of a Baubotanik prototype (1:1)

- ECOlogical building enveLOPES - ECOLOPES: Development of theoretical foundations and experimental architectural approaches for a radically new form of urban development: Building envelopes are envisioned as integral parts of the urban ecosystem, which focuses equally on people, plants, animals and microorganisms.

- Blue-Green Architecture and Infrastructure - INTERESS-I: Concepts, strategies and designs for the synergistic connection of vegetation and alternative water resources.


Teaching team

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig 

Eva-Maria Moseler,, B.Eng.


Course language

German / Englisch   



Master Project for landscapearchitecture and architecture students 

15 ECTS 





in Cooperation with

Tree Facade