Christoph Fleckenstein, M.A.

Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture


Contact Details
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Master Landscape Architecture
2016 - 2019 TU Munich

Bachelor Landscape Architecture and Planning
2012 - 2016 TU Munich

Career and Research Areas

Christoph Fleckenstein focuses in his research on trees in planters, especially the development of time-based design concepts for the use of trees in planters as alternative greening solutions in places without adequate root space. The research aims to display that trees in planters are an urban climate effective complement to trees in the ground and therefore enhance the planning repertoire of landscape architects, architects, urban planners, cities and communities.

Finishing his Bachelor and Master degrees in Landscape Architecture at TU Munich, Christoph Fleckenstein developed in his Bachelor's Thesis "Freiraumcharaktere München - Zerschneidungseffekte als neue DNA" as well as in his Master's Thesis „Leben mit Wasser - Überflutungsfähige Stadtquartiere" new analyse and design tools by the combination of existing and newly developed typologies. The Master's Thesis was published in Transforming Cities. Through his freelancing background, Christoph Fleckenstein has a close relation between research and practice.

Christoph Fleckenstein is now carrying the research project „KlimaKübelBäume – Bäume in Pflanzgefäßen als stadtklimatisch wirksame Maßnahme zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel“ (TEW01C02P-75383) funded by the Baverian State Mintistery of the Environment and Consumer Protection.


Trees in Planters - A Case Study of Time-Related Aspects