Sommersemester 2020

IMAGINARY REALITIES - Transformation for a Sustainable Future
Gastprof. Nicolai Bo Andersen

"Architects don’t invent anything, they transform reality."  Alvaro Siza

The passage between reality and imagination is the pivotal point for the semester work.
The assignment is to make a proposal for a transformation of an existing building in Munich. 
Each student will imagine their own reality - based on existing drawings, historic documents and a film - and create their own site in miniature models and drawings.
The phenomenological qualities are essential. The direct, physical experience of materials, tectonics and space. Texture and gravity. Quietness and movement. Light and shadow.
The proposal must consider technical, functional as well as aesthetic aspects. It must be functionally adaptable, technically robust and the spaces must have a strong architectural presence.
Special attention must be given to materials, tectonics and the spatial character seen in relation to the question of sustainability.

Schedule / Termine (online):

Introduction / Projekteinführung
Mi 22.4.2020

Pinups & Lectures / Kritiken & Vorlesungen
1. Mi 06.05.2020
2. Mi 03.06.2020
3. Mi 01.07.2020

Final Critiques / Schlusskritik
Mi 22.07.2020 

Assistenz: Katleen Nagel, Sandra Panzer



The Phenomena

Friederike Schneider

Lorena Cirillo

Mirko Haselroth

Julius Grambow

Anna Oestreicher

Leopold Jaegerhuber

Viviane Thuy My Vu



Leopold Jaegerhuber, Friederike Schneider

Ellen Scherr, Viviane Thuy My Vu

Anna Aventiny, Chams Kamel

Juan Sebastian Diaz Reveron, Stefan Ullmann

Gabriele Mikalauskaite, Barbara Salazar

Lorena Cirillo, Julius Grambow

Mirko Haselroth, Anna Oestreicher