Wintersemester 2019/20

RESILIENT AESTHETICS - beauty as sustainable parameter
Gastprof. Nicolai Bo Andersen

"Beauty is one way in which truth as unconcealment comes to presence."  Martin Heidegger

Resilience may be defined as the capacity to recover to an original state after changes. Changes in architecture happen all the time due to e.g. decay caused by physical effects and alterations demanded by change in use. On a technical level, materials may recover by being repaired, reused or recycled; on a functional level, a structure may recover by being transformed into a new use and on an aesthetic level, a beautiful building may be re-presented repeatedly. The question is how may resilient aesthetics contribute to a sustainable future?


Termine / Schedule:

Projekteinführung / Introduction 
Di 15.10.2019, 11.30 Uhr, Raum 2340

Exkursion München / Field Trip Munich
Mi 16.10.2019

Schlusskritik / Final Critiques
Di 11.02.2020 

Assistenz: Katleen Nagel, Sandra Panzer


The Phenomena

Matthias A. Peterseim

Quirin Goslau

Sebastian Haberl

Jakob Ian Hentschel

Milan Loebner

Anne Sauter

Max Kirn

Viktoria Kelderer

Michaela Maurer

Sebastian Gerstberger

Susanne Ziegler

Laura Kwanka



Louisa Bauer, Milan Loebner

Max Kirn, Laura Kwanka

Café / Arkade
Quirin Goslau, Sebastian Haberl

Musikstudio und -proberaum
Michaela Maurer, Anne Sauter

Luise Banz, Alessandro Visentin

Viktoria Kelderer, Matthias A. Peterseim