Yimei Zhang, Master of City Planning and Master of Science in Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania


Yimei Zhang holds a Bachelor of Economics from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and dual Masters’ degrees in City Planning and Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania. She recieved the 2022-2023 German Chancellor Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and will spent her fellowship year researching the conservation of post-war large-scale housing complexes in Germany at TUM.

Before joining TUM, she worked as a heritage conservation planner in China for 6 years. Her projects focus on World Heritage nomination, management of rural settlements, and the conservation of modern heritage. Jingmai Tea Forests, the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, Kulangsu International Settlement, Yongtai Fortified Manors, and Mawei Arsenal are among some of her major projects. She believes that heritage can be a powerful tool to regenerate urban neighborhoods, empower local communities, and make better, livable places. She hopes that her research at TUM would contribute to the conservation of the built environment of our recent past, and promote heritage conversation between China and Germany.

Ongoing research: Conserving Post-war Large-scale Housing Estates: A Comparative Analysis between Germany and China



Peer-reviewed Articles (in Chinese)

Yimei Zhang, Yiqing Zou, Xiaorui Liu, “Management Practices in Jingmai Moutain”, Study on Natural and Cultural Heritage, 2020/5.

Yiqing Zou, Yimei Zhang, “Understanding the ‘Ancient Tea-Horse Road’ as a Cultural Route”, Beijing Planning Review, 2018/4.

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Conference Presentations

2022 Annual Conference of The Architectural Society of China, Xiamen, Fujian, China, “Survival Strategy of Families in Mountains: Understanding the Values of Yongtai Fortified Manors from a Comparative Perspective”.

2019 Sino-European Forum on Vernacular Heritage, Jinan, Shandong, China, “Managing Change of Living Heritage: Case Study of Jingmai Village Plan”.

2020 ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Cultural Routes (CIIC), Chihuahua, Mexico, “Tea-Horse Road as a Cultural Route – tracing political, economic and cultural exchange in southwest China and beyond”.


Nomination and Management of World Heritage Sites

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Research Projects Commissioned by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage

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Urban Redevelopment Strategy

2021, Redevelopment Strategy of Gongmingxu. Guangdong, Guangzhou.

2021, Redevelopment Strategy of Workers’ Residential Compounds in Luoyang, Henan.