Qiguan Shu, M.A.

Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture


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Master of Arts
2017 - 2019   Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany

Bachelor of Engineering
2012 - 2017   Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China


Qiguan Shu has his educational background originally in landscape architecture. During his master study, he developed his skills in computational design, living architecture design and programming. He participated in the design and fabrication of Urban Microclimate Canopy. His master thesis "Photogrammetric Point Cloud Skeleton Abstraction for Living Architecture" extracts topological polylines out of jointed aerial root structures by voxel thinning method. It is a sub-task under the research project Living Root Bridges. Afterwards, he kept working interdisciplinarily in the field of digital tools for urban green system, functional-structural plant models. He was one of the project leaders of the design, manufacture and installation of Arbor Kitchen.

Qiguan Shu is now carrying the research project Urban Green System 4.0 funded by DFG for his PhD study at GTLA and affiliated PhD candicate in the research project Urban Green Infrustructure.


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  • Shu, Qiguan; Middleton, Wilfrid; Dörstelmann, Moritz; Santucci, Daniele; Ludwig, Ferdinand: Urban Microclimate Canopy: Design, Manufacture, Installation, and Growth Simulation of a Living Architecture Prototype. Sustainability 12 (15), 2020, 6004 mehr…


  • Middleton, Wilfrid; Shu, Qiguan; Ludwig, Ferdinand: Photogrammetry as A Tool for Living Architecture. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XLII-2/W17, 2019, 20196th International Workshop LowCost 3D – Sensors, Algorithms, Applications mehr…

Winter term 2022/23

TitleLecturer (assistant)
Green Typologies
  • L. Höpfl
  • F. Ludwig
  • Q. Shu
  • H. Yazdi
Project Landscapearchitecture 7
  • F. Ludwig
  • L. Höpfl
  • Q. Shu