Movimento indefinito

Railway infrastructures connect regions, cities and people. Sometimes, however, they achieve the exact opposite. The freight railway yard at the south of the main train station of Verona, Porta Nuova, has been spatially separating the city for many years. The citizens are longing to see a new development and a change to their city-dynamics.

The old freight yard represents a contradiction: the division and connection of the north and south side of Verona. Its reuse will set the stage for better communication between the regions. Our studio focuses on the infrastructural and social transformation of the area. The new project should be accessible, durable and adaptable. We will conduct research on regional and city level and propose projects which will focus on movement, mobility, sustainability, sociology, green and blue corridors and infrastructural transformation.


Prof. Dr. sc. Udo Weilacher
M.Sc. Antonia Koukouvelou
Bernhard Schöner (model making)


For questions please contact directly Antonia Koukouvelou: antonia.koukouvelou[at]


Monday, October 18th, 15:00, ZOOM, Intro Master Projects LAT

Kick-off: Thursday, October 21st, 13.30 - 18.00 (more Information will follow per email after a successful registration)

Excursion Verona, IT: Thursday to Sunday, October 28th - 31st

Pin-Up 1: Thursday, November 25th
Pin-Up 2: Thursday, January 20th
Final Presentation: Thursday, February 10th 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
guest critics: Lorenzo Migliorati (University of Bergamo), Gianluca Lanfranchi (University of Bologna), Roberto Carollo (Comune di Verona)
for Zoom-login-data please contact Antonia Koukouvelou: antonia.koukouvelou[at]

Hand-in Booklets: Monday, March 14th

Meetings / Supervision within the teams will take place on Thursdays from 13.30 on at LAT, Freising

Participant's number: 15 Students
Group work:  Teams of two
Level: Master
Language: English


Registration from 1st Oktober till 18. Oktober at 17:00pm TUMonline
(Module AR30389)