Task and Method

Securing a landscape’s evidence

Our perception of landscape these days is strongly influenced by the views the road offers us. How do landscapes change if they get a direction?  This video work intents to question the perception of the everyday and how we move through our environment on a daily basis. The students were asked to recognise a certain amount of scenic elements in the landscape and understand their choreography.

Task and Method

New reference = new awareness

In reference to the planned west-tangent in Freising, this short sketch could be the basis to investigate the structure of the area’s landscape. In order to perceive the qualities of this open space, it was important to investigate the influence of direction and space of roads through landscape. The students’ task was it to recognise and secure the objective appearance through a subjective reception. The video work was able to raise awareness for scenic situations, scenes and sequences.

The produced video should represent the perception of landscape and road between the set points A and B. Through minimal interventions and ‚markings’ of the environment, the landscape can be seen from a new point of view and in an unusual relationship. The mark in the open space could serve as a reference to focus and control the intuitive reception of the landscape. The video as a sensor for motion, direction, space and senses is able to visualise the qualities of a ‚vaccinated’ landscape outside of our daily and familiar perception of environment.

Video thesis in the framework of a short sketch at LAI winter term 2011/12
        Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher
                       Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Kramer
                       Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Bellingrodt
Participants: 5 video teams made-up of 3-4 students of different terms