Project Related Videos

To get a grip on the intuitive component of the landscape architectural design methods beyond traditional planning practices prove one’s worth, to develop knowledge and insights for and during the design process. Especially in the phases of analysis, problem definition, objectives and concept development, experimental modes of perception contribute to an understanding of space, time and landscape. The medium of video with its space-and time-based intersubjective character is most suitable to question habits of perception and explore unexpected facets of our environment. The relationship between the physical and the lived or lively space could be captured and experienced with the moving audiovisual image.

Based on this experience video works are supporting the study projects at the chair for Landscape Architecture and Transformation at the TUM.

  • Spiegel der Landschaft | Masterprojekt | WS 2013/14 | M. Hansen, Ch. Theißen
  • The inventive analysis | Masterthesis | SS 2012 | S. Weber
  • Blickverkehr tradierter Wahrnehmung | checkpoint Landschaft | SS 2012 | T. Kramer
  • Imaginäres im alltäglichen Raum | checkpoint Landschaft | SS 2012 | E. Thiel
  • Wem gehört die Landschaft? | checkpoint Landschaft | SS 2012 | F. Kügler, S. Wallerius
  • Bodensprache | ideale Realitäten Potsdam | WS 2011/12 | P. Dvorakova, E. Girard
  • Landschaftsgrenzen | SS 2010 | S. Kern, M. Eggeling, A. Bauer, T. Dachauer