Alpine Periscope

One of the most panoramic balconies in the area of Castione della Presolana, 40km north of Bergamo, was used to accommodate for the summer months the children of the employees of the steel factory Dalmine. In-between pine trees and pasture land, an area of 6 ha was devoted to children's education and play. The valley of mills of Valseriana hidden between the pine forest, several tributaries of the river Borzo, and the mountain range of Orobie has a strong industrial history of textile factories. Wool and dairy were the main products produced in the area and nowadays the decline of these activities is visible. The colony of Dalmine was not home to industrial activity but an essential by-product, which is abandoned since 1940 and nowadays is longing for a new future.

The students will be asked to work on multiple scales to identify the characteristics, qualities, frictions, and challenges of the valley of Valseriana and later to zoom-in and transform the landscape which surrounds the camp. How can we design with landscape processes in an area that seems to have been taken over by nature? Which is the best strategy to engage with the industrial heritage and the dynamics of landscapes?


Prof. Dr. sc. Udo Weilacher
M.Sc. Antonia Koukouvelou
Bernhard Schöner (model making)

In cooperation with: University of Bergamo


For questions please contact directly Antonia Koukouvelou: antonia.koukouvelou[at]


Monday, October 17th, 16:00, E42, Intro Master Projects LAT

Kick-off: Thursday, October 20th, 13.30 - 18.00, E42

Excursion Bergamo, IT: Thursday to Sunday, October 27th - 30th

Pin-Up 1: Thursday, December 8th
Pin-Up 2: Thursday, January 19th
Final Presentation: Thursday, February 9th 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Guest crit: Lorenzo Migliorati and Gianluca Lanfranchi

Hand-in Booklets: Monday, March 13th

Meetings / Supervision within the teams will take place on Thursdays from 13.30 on at LAT, Freising

Participant's number: 15 Students
Group work:  Teams of two
Level: Master
Language: English


Registration from 1st October until 17th of October at 17:00pm TUMonline
(Module AR30389)